Employment Services

Employment Services

Employment Services provides each individual with flexible support models to assist with identifying careers of their choice, obtaining gainful employment, and maintaining it as independently as possible.  These supports include:

  • Milestone #1: Includes a visit to the individual’s home for an interview with the individual and his/her support team at home to determine the choices, interests, strengths, and conditions of success for each individual.  A survey of the community closest to the individual’s home to determine if employment is available based on the individual’s preference, job experience, skills, abilities and education.  Milestone #2 includes a minimum of three observations of individuals within their communities to identify skills and learning styles.  Milestone #3 includes the development of a resume and job development plan.  This support can take 30-90 days for completion but is also limited to one service every two years.

  • Job Development:  Utilization of resources obtained through networking and research to place individuals in jobs that are ideal for them. Resource can include job training, leads, and interviewing techniques.  Ideal placement will include continued employment where both the employer needs are met, and the individual’s employment needs are met. This service is limited to 8 hours per day and a maximum of 90 hours total.

  • Ongoing Job Supports:  Job-coaching and individual specific supports and training as needed to ensure continued and successful placement after a job has been obtained. Services will be provided based on the needs as identified in the Person-Centered Plan that will include a “fading plan”, when appropriate, that includes the anticipated number of support hours needed.  Services are limited to up to 10 hours a day.

  • Follow-Along Supports:  Continued monitoring and follow up with employer and individual once placement has occurred to ensure the needs of the employer and individual are being met.

  • Self-Employment Development Supports:  Providing entrepreneurial support to individuals who are empowered to begin business of their own with resources to assist with development, implementation and management of their own businesses.  Services are provided in accordance with the Person Centered Plan.   

  • Co-Worker Employment Supports:  Placement of mentor, peer, or natural support to assist with successful and individualized orientation and training while on the job. Services are provided in accordance with the Person Centered Plan.  This services is limited to the first three months of employment. 

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