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Community Living 

Community Living


Our Community Living/Group Home program provides long-term sharing of lives, forming of caring households, and close relationships between people with disabilities and qualified support staff.  Services include but are not limited to: 


  • Training in the development of independence, daily living, self-advocacy, and survival skills

  • Training and assistance in developing appropriate social behaviors

  • Training and development of housekeeping skills

  • Training and assistance in developing patterns of living, activities, and routines that are appropriate for people with disabilities in their communities

  • Supervision and guidance as appropriate

  • People with disabilities will reside in homes of their choice with a maximum of two housemates where they will be supported by a Direct Support Professional to meet their unique needs

  • All homes will be community-based and integrated where people with disabilities are supported and encouraged to live in communities alongside people who do not have disabilities

  • Each individual will have his/her individual room that affords them privacy and individuality

  • Each individual will be treated with dignity and respect

  • Each individual will be supported in making life choices

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